Extraordinary lights for ordinary moments

Philips Hue lights your day from morning to night for every task, all your chores, and any situation.

One light from morning to night

The daily grind just got easier and more enjoyable thanks to Philips Hue. The right light complements even your most mundane daily activities, such as eating breakfast or reading the newspaper. Preset scenes in different shades of white light guide you out of bed and throughout the rest of your day.

Graph showing lighting for daily activities
Family using Philips Hue app for kitchen lighting

Boost your energy

Use light to amp up the energy in your home. With its cool white light, the Energize light scene helps you add a little pep to your morning or an extra punch to your workout.

Man using Philips Hue app for home lighting in office

Sharpen your focus

When you need to get things done, Philips Hue can help you direct your full attention to the task at hand. Set the Concentrate light scene to stay focused and keep your head in the game.

Woman reading with Philips Hue table lamp

Read with ease

Curl up with a good book under the right light. With the Read light scene, Philips Hue adjusts the light from cool to warm for the perfect shade of white, allowing you to comfortably flip through the pages.

 Woman in bathroom using Philips Hue app to set up relaxed lighting routine

Relax your mind

Finding the time to unwind can prove difficult. When you finally do get a moment to yourself, set Philips Hue to the subtle, soft light of the Relax scene and take your tranquility to the next level.

Our simplest way to get started

Hue White Ambiance

Light recipe kit E26

Works out of the box. With the included E26 bulb and dimmer switch, you can cycle through four preset light recipes and enjoy wireless dimming.

Hue White Ambiance

Starter Kit E26

Get more out of your smart bulbs with the Starter Kit E26, including four bulbs and the Hue Bridge. Control your lights using the Philips Hue app or unlock smart home automation features like scheduling routines and timers.

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Select from smart lights in different shapes, sizes, and models to suit your space. They all work together to make your home smarter, more comfortable, and energy efficient.

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